Printing with multiple colours can get expensive. Each colour requires a screen to apply the ink and this means there is a lot of prep work and materials that go into multi colour jobs. However, there is an method that allows us to create a full colour print using just 4 different inks – the 4 Colour Process. We got a call from the Hammond River Survival Camp group asking us to print their logo on some t-shirts for them. With their logo being 8 different colours, it was a great opportunity to do our first 4 colour process job.

The 4 Colour Process is also known as CMYK which stands for the 4 colours in the process. C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow and K = Key (Black). Using only these 4 colours we created an 8 colour print – pretty cool! By applying the ink from light to dark, the colours mix to create your full colour print.