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Domestic Apparel: Shirts Made in Canada

You have a lot of options when choosing exactly which brand of shirt you want to print on. Sometimes you need the one with the best price, sometimes you need a specific cut. But what if you need something made right here, in Canada? Although your options might not be as numerous as with shirts made overseas or in the US, there are still plenty of choices. You won’t get the low prices of shirts coming from places like Indonesia, what you will get is a socially conscious shirt made with quality and fairness in mind.


Jerico is the main brand we work with in regards to Canadian-made clothing. They’re located in Toronto and specialize in bamboo blends that are very soft and environmentally conscious. They also have standard cotton and ring spun cotton tees in both ladies and unisex sizes. Jerico is the brand you’ll want to go with if you’re looking for more of a “fashion” product.

The Jerico "Style 56": Ladies Bamboo Crewneck T-shirt
The Jerico “Style 56”: Ladies Bamboo Crewneck T-shirt

King Fashions

King Fashions is slightly more affordable line, with heavier shirts a less tailored fit. With factories in Montreal, Ajax, Toronto and Calgary – their products are knitted, dyed, and sewn on Canadian soil. Keep in  mind that with the lower prices comes less options (colour choices, fabric blends, fit styles, etc.) and while they do make ladies cuts, we currently only have access to their unisex products.

The King Fashions "KF900", 100% cotton t-shirt.
The King Fashions “KF900”, 100% cotton t-shirt.

These are just a few of the companies manufacturing t-shirts here in Canada, no to mention all the other wonderful products you might need. We’re constantly adding new products to our line ups and would be happy to look into any that you might be interested in that we don’t have.

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