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T-Shirts as a Marketing Tool

From high schoolers walking around with Nike logos emblazoned on their chests, to the servers at your favourite lunch spot sporting the restaurant iconography on their backs, chances are you see a load of branded t-shirts day to day. Businesses big and small use them as a highly efficient marketing tool. They’re cheap and easy to make, they’re a wardrobe staple, and the styles are numerous. A well designed shirt can become a long lasting product that people will continue to wear over time. People might even purchase the shirts from you if they like them enough, which means you’re generating direct income from your promotional products.

Little You Little Me
Bands regularly print shirts as a way to pull some extra money: here’s one for local act “Little You Little Me”.

Of course, selling your shirts isn’t the only way to capitalize on them. Employee uniforms are another great example of what you can do with them. Just because someone has come in to your store, or office doesn’t mean they know about everything that you offer. Put a current promo on your employee shirts for your customers to see when they are greeted. Or add a web URL/QR code to the shirt to help direct people to your website for more details about your services and contact information.

Simply for Life
Shirts we printed for Simply for Life that they were giving away to new members.

I mentioned they’re cheap, right? You could afford to give these things away if you wanted to. Run a contest, get your customer base involved and excited about the shirts! Or hold an event and hand them out to attendees. Just keep in mind that design becomes extremely important. You want people to want to wear your shirts, so careful consideration on how to make that happen should be put forth. Check out The Importance of Design if you’d like some pointers on how to decide on what a good design is for the application.

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