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How to Have the Best Screen Printing Experience

OK, you’ve decided that getting some shirts printed is worth the investment (and trust me, it is) but what do you do from here? While you don’t need to know anything about screen printing to get a great product, having some background knowledge can help reduce your turnaround time and ensure minimal revisions. Here’s a list of basic information to give you a head start:

  1. There are essentially two types of artwork we work with, vector graphics and photographs. These days all of the set-up is done digitally and giving us the proper file format right up front will make things faster and easier. We prefer vector graphics (.eps and .ai are some common examples), which allow the image to be resized without losing detail. Any compressed formats (such as a .jpg or .png) will not allow for proper resizing. For photos a high quality .jpg is suitable, just supply the largest resolution you have. Keep in mind that converting a compressed image to a vector format will not give the file the properties it needs.
  2. You pay by the colour, so the more colours you have the more expensive it will be. A “black and white” photo can be done as a one colour print. A full colour photo is done using “4 colour process”, which layers cyan, magenta, yellow and black to re-create the full colour spectrum. Full colour prints work best on white t-shirts.
Deloitte full colour shirt
Although this was not a photo – it was printed using the 4-colour process.
  • You pay per location. For example, the chest is one location, and the sleeve is another, if you print on both you’re paying for a “two location” print.
  • There are a massive amount of t-shirts you could potentially print on that come in all shapes, colours and price ranges. Having a more expensive, higher quality shirt, is a nice touch – but isn’t always necessary. Think about who you’re targeting and try to choose what you think they will like best.
  • Having a clear budget in mind can help you decide on whether or not $3 a piece is a better option for you than the $12 alternative.
Lifeguard T-shirt
This simple, one colour graphic was inexpensive to make and suits the purpose perfectly.

This should leave you with a pretty good idea of the types of things you should consider before placing your order. Of course we’d be happy to help you with any questions you might have, and you can comment below or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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Minimum order quantity: 25 pieces for screen printing / 25 pieces for embroidery.

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