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What a year it’s been

Starting a new business can be many things: scary, rewarding, intimidating, liberating. If you asked me in 2011 where Printworks would be in 3 years, I would have probably said “hopefully still in business”. Well, we’ve certainly achieved that lofty goal! We’re still in business all right, and are close to becoming the number one screen printer in the local region.

Growing the business

With much customer love, we’ve managed to get to the point of growing our business – renovating our pressroom, expanding into two new offices on our floor, and hiring a part-time digital marketing employee.

Printworks old press room
Our old pressroom didn’t leave much space for, well – anything!
Printworks new press room
The new pressroom is twice the size, with new flooring, better ventilation – and just looks damn good!
Printworks new press room
So much space!

Outdoor markets

We have been regular vendors at the Queen Square Farmer’s Market on Sundays in uptown Saint John throughout the summer, and just took part in the 11th annual Harvesting the Arts Festival in King’s Square on Sept. 27th. These markets have been a great place to meet new customers, hone our retail skills, and get out into our community and support local business.

Queen Square Farmer's Market
Calvin at the Queen Square Farmer’s Market.
Harvesting the Arts Festival
Shirts on display at the 11th annual ‘Harvesting the Arts Festival’ in Uptown Saint John.

Have you ever thought about starting your own clothing line?

We first met our new employee Calvin as a customer when he approached us about starting his own clothing line/brand. He and his partner had their artwork, knew what kind of apparel they wanted to print on and had already done their research on local printers. They decided to let us help them bring their brand to life, and We Are Golden Apparel was born.

We Are Golden Apparel
The journey to build a brand – We Are Golden Apparel.

Calvin has offered to share his ‘journey to build a brand’ in a multi-part series of blog posts describing how they created their vision, became a legal business, took their designs online, and their plans for the future. Check out How I Started a Clothing Line: An Introduction here.

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