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Multi Colour Printing – Part 2

If you remember from our last post about printing with multiple colours, we showed you how we got 8 colours on a t-shirt using only 4 colours of ink. No it’s not magic, it’s called 4 Colour Process (CMYK)! In this post we are going to tell you about another option when printing with multiple colours: Spot Process.

With Spot Process, you create a screen for each colour and then apply the ink to the shirt with no layering. After each colour is printed, it needs to be flash dried before you can apply the next colour. This is to avoid the mixing of colours. It is more labour intensive than CMYK printing, but can provide some amazing results with truer colours than CMYK.

We did our first Spot Process job for the Fog City Rollers back in March. A 3 colour job on black tees.

Just a few weeks ago, we did a 5 colour job for Dexter Construction – Mad Dawg Racing.


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