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Let your shirt do the talking – Designing with Wordle

What is Wordle you may ask? Well it’s a fun website we used to help design some shirts for ourselves (Printworks) as well as some patio shirts for Lemongrass & Peppers Pub for this summer season. Wordle is simple. Just type in or copy and paste a group of words you want to see and Wordle will arrange these words in a random ‘word cloud’ as they call it. The more words you use the better. You have all the control – you can pick certain words to appear larger or to show in the ‘word cloud’ multiple times. You also can play with font, colours, and layouts. So many variations! It’s a lot of fun and can lose a lot of your time to this website if you aren’t careful. Using Wordle is a great idea for designing homemade cards for any holiday, designing t-shirts, posters… just about anything you can think of. If you write a blog, copy and paste one of you posts into wordle and see what it gives you. Neato. And fun to boot!

After an afternoon of playing around, we ended up with some fun designs for Printworks, Lemongrass, and Peppers Pub. Check them out!

Printworks Wordle Design

Printworks Wordle Design

Patio staff shirts

Lemongrass & Peppers Pub

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