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Multi Colour Printing – Part 1

Printing with multiple colours can get expensive. Each colour requires a screen to apply the ink and this means there is a lot of prep work and materials that go into multi colour jobs. However, there is an method that allows us to create a full colour print using just 4 different inks – the 4 Colour Process. We got a call from the Hammond River Survival Camp group asking us to print their logo on some t-shirts for them. With their logo being 8 different colours, it was a great opportunity to do our first 4 colour process job.

The 4 Colour Process is also known as CMYK which stands for the 4 colours in the process. C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow and K = Key (Black). Using only these 4 colours we created an 8 colour print – pretty cool! By applying the ink from light to dark, the colours mix to create your full colour print.

2 thoughts on “Multi Colour Printing – Part 1”

  1. Looks great…I want one 🙂 We’re wishing Christie and Mike and the gang all the best at camp this summer and were happy to be able to help them out with the website and logo…and for those parents who haven’t signed their kids up for the Hammond River Survival Camp yet, these are great people and your kids will have an amazing experience, so get on it before all the spots are taken!

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